Northern Kentucky Outer Loop Study

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The purpose of the project as stated “is to stimulate economic opportunities through regional mobility by providing a safer and more efficient east-west corridor between I-71 and the AA Highway (KY 9).”

While it is understood that Ohio has not engaged in the planning process yet, it would be shortsighted to look at the outer loop from only the Kentucky perspective. There is no doubt that the project has value for the entire region, and the more comprehensive it is, the more it will be utilized.

Our suggestion is as follows: “As a result of the Brent Spence Strategic Corridor Study conclusion that the Cincinnati Eastern Bypass (CEB) is worthy of further study for its regional economic and transportation value, the NKY Outer Loop Study further investigates the Kentucky portion of this route, with and without the completion of the route across the river into Ohio. The primary benefits of the CEB are to stimulate regional economic opportunities, improve safety by reducing congestion and construction on regional arteries, especially I71/75, and increasing regional connectivity. Without Ohio’s participation, the project will still provide a safer and more efficient east-west corridor between I-71 and the AA Highway (KY 9).”

An abbreviated suggestion could be “The purpose of the project is to stimulate economic opportunities and regional mobility by providing a safer and more efficient alternative to the I71/75 corridor and increasing regional connectivity.”


Attached is a map considering the implications to Ohio, and a quick cost and length analysis.My comments are as follows:

The primary objective of the route is to be an effective Bypass for I75, as well as I71. All other benefits are complimentary.It is concerning that there is very limited feedback from Ohio, considering best solution is a regional route. It is imperative to get Ohio involved.

#1 creates too long of a distance to be an effective Bypass of I75.

#2-5 all work similarly for transportation. The longer the route, the more it costs.Only pick the higher cost solution if it delivers more economic or transportation value in the planning horizon.

#6 creates a challenge at the Ohio River Crossing as the East Fork Lake is an obstacle for this route in Clermont County.It will add a jog in the route to go west, or really stretch the distance to the east.6 is the most beneficial for I75, but for I71 it becomes ineffective.

There may be some other considerations being examined that have yet to be explained.It appears that the opportunity zone is a driver and offer some funding opportunities.Those considerations might be important for Ohio as well.There is a large opportunity zone just to the north east of East Fork Lake.

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